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Software & SaaS Companies

Industry Leading Billing and Revenue Recognition Management Solutions

Software & SaaS Companies

Complex billing and revenue management solutions for software and SaaS companies.

For many technology companies, the revenue cycle is complicated by revenue recognition rules, order management, complex recurring billing, contract renewals, regulatory compliance, and more.  Software companies are especially impacted by these issues, as is any high-tech company that offers software components as a part of its product or services.

Frank, Rimerman Consulting helps you simplify your processes for your clients.

A recognized leader in the development of integrated solutions for billing and revenue management in the software industry, our applications meet the needs of fast changing complex software business models in a way other financial, ERP, and CRM solutions do not.

Our clients trust us to maximize their revenues, reduce operating expenses, and comply with revenue recognition regulations.

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Staying on top of revenue recognition is a significant challenge for software companies.

Managing finance operations for software companies is complicated.  Renewing maintenance contracts is a major cash flow contributor but is frequently an ad hoc process.  Revenue recognition typically involves sophisticated revenue scheduling and pricing issues.  Financial models such as software as a service (SaaS), on demand, or by subscription are being added to create new revenue opportunities.  But they present a host of accounting issues for the financial infrastructure.

Our solutions solve your revenue accounting challenges with complete support for all key revenue recognition standards, automated revenue calculation, and fully integrated dashboards and reporting. The result is greater ease of use and flexibility, better data integrity, more visibility, and lower ongoing maintenance.

Best Practices

Providing mission-critical billing and revenue management capabilities.

Frank, Rimerman Consulting solutions have provided mission-critical billing and revenue management capabilities for hundreds of innovative, high-growth enterprises, from start-ups to global enterprises. No other solution effectively integrates core financial data across the entire revenue cycle from contract management and order entry, to billing and renewals, to revenue management, reporting, and forecasting.


Revenue Recognition

  • Improve finance productivity and reduce the cost and time of calculating, recording, and reporting on revenue recognition.
  • Reduce, even eliminate the use of spreadsheets. Dramatically reduce errors and gain strong, compliant processes.
  • Strengthen processes and higher accuracy by ensuring the proper review, approval, and execution of the revenue that is due to be recognized.

Multi-Contract Management

  • Track and support “units of accounting” and selling price (VSOE, TPE, ESP) for full elements of multiple element arrangements.
  • Deliver automatic allocation of order value to each line item.
  • Assign flexible and customizable schedules on a per-item basis.
  • Track and manage multiple Estimated Selling Prices (ESPs) for every SKU.
  • Compare current trending actual selling prices vs. ESP and get exception reporting for data integrity.

Complex Recurring Management

  • Tailor customer billing processes to your business with flexibility and sophisticated billing logic.
  • Minimize errors and revenue recognition issues and eliminate the need for expensive custom integration.
  • Support agile pricing changes to subscription plans in response to customer or market demand.
  • Get a single real-time view of your billing operations globally and interact consistently with clients around the world.
  • Ensure your company can handle changing revenue recognition policies—or even recognize revenue over the term of the contract.

Revenue Analytics and Reporting

  • Monitor your recognized revenue continually with real-time dashboards.
  • Generate key reports such as revenue recognition forecast, deferred revenue by customer/item and revenue by customer/item.
  • Easily examine breakouts of recognized revenue across various elements.
  • Get a clear view into Estimated Selling Prices, enabling you to ensure accuracy.
  • Create sophisticated revenue and deferred revenue reporting with analytics by region, product line, and more.

Complete Integration with Financials

  • Deploy and integrate with your new or existing ERP system.
  • Supports bi-directional integration between your existing ERP deployment.
  • Provides functionality for importing orders and invoices from your ERP for revenue recognition calculation and reporting, while also exporting journal entries back into your ERP General Ledger.


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