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Manage multiple locations and revenue centers, perform multi-dimensional analysis, and gain unprecedented insight into your business

Hotels & Resorts

Frank, Rimerman Consulting helps leading hospitality businesses including single and multiple property hotels, resorts, and restaurants optimize operations, increase margins, automate manual processes, and make better, faster decisions.

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Gaining the insight that allows you to maximize revenue and net income from each of your property’s operations.

As a hospitality executive you know the importance of enabling your revenue center managers to make sound decisions.   Accessing and analyzing data from each revenue center and business unit in a single data repository is the most desired resource in hospitality management.

Best Practices

Successful hospitality businesses execute well throughout their organization.

From operating and ownership structures to integration of business applications to timely and valuable reporting, your technology must enable you to execute at your best in every facet of your business.


Focus on your guests while our solutions take care of your financial management and accounting.

  • Gain real-time visibility:  Dig in to the data behind the reports with comprehensive drill-down capabilities across properties, locations, vendors, customers—or anything else important to your business. Improve cash flow management and revenue forecasting with real-time visibility into current inflows, outflows, and revenue streams.
  • Ensure strong financial controls:  Hospitality accounting software makes it easy for staff to enter and view information for specific properties and locations—without giving them access to the financials of other locations or the entire business.
  • Easily manage complex financial structures:  See a global view of consolidated financials across entities and drill down to subsidiary source transactions, real time receivables and payables. Automate inter-entity consolidations and eliminations.
  • Seamlessly integrate financial management with line of business applications: Save money and reclaim time spent troubleshooting third party software with pre-built integration to leading applications. Link to leading point of sale and front-office systems as well as to asset management, payroll, attendance, and payment applications.
  • Dramatically reduce IT costs: Take advantage of our cloud-based system solutions and provide each of your facilities with secure access to up-to-the-minute information from a browser—at any time, from anywhere.

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