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Commerce Everywhere: Solutions that enables B2C and B2B merchants, manufacturers and distributors to seamlessly connect every step of a multi-channel, multi-location business from eCommerce, POS and order management to merchandising, marketing, inventory, financials, and customer support.


Frank, Rimerman Consulting provides solutions that are built with the idea that eCommerce is no longer a standalone channel but a core capability for retail and B2B businesses. Our solutions unify your eCommerce software with core operational business systems to meet rising customer expectations for a consistent experience across all touch points, from smartphones to call centers, from tablets to point of sale in virtually any country around the globe.

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Commerce Everywhere.  Customer Insight.  Connected Commerce.

The explosion of internet-enabled devices means your products are never more than a click away from shoppers, wherever they are. Consumers expect an optimized experience from any digital touch point at any time.

Frank, Rimerman Consulting recommends solutions that allow you to create a great online shopping experience and deliver it across any site, any device, any country and supporting any business model without limitations.

Best Practices

Align your business and make smarter decisions.

Align your business and make smarter decisions in planning, pricing, merchandising, and order and inventory management. By unifying eCommerce and POS with your core operational business systems you get a single, unified commerce platform. Improve business agility and visibility by bringing solid sources of data into a single repository.

Commerce Everywhere

  • Great shopping experience on any device
  • Any language, any currency
  • Any business model
Customer Insight
  • Omnichannel customer view
  • Rich customer profile
  • Targeted merchandising and marketing

Connected Commerce

  • Single, unified commerce platform
  • Optimize operations
  • Real-time business intelligence


Next-Generation eCommerce – features and functionality.

  • Site navigation/search: Let customers easily find the products they want.
  • Visual merchandising: Present the product in the best possible way.
  • Promotions and pricing: Set the right price and incentives to buy.
  • Checkout: Make buying from you a painless experience.
  • Mobile: Let your customers reach you from any place.
  • B2B commerce: Grow your business by selling to other businesses.
  • Search engine optimization: Make sure your site ranks high on search engines.
  • Customer service: Provide your customers with the best customer service options.
  • Order management: Ensure quick and efficient processing of all orders.
  • Inventory management and demand planning: Maintain tight control over your inventory.
  • Payments and fraud prevention: Offer your customer multiple ways to pay.
  • Rich customer profiles: Get a 360 degree view of your customer.
  • Business intelligence, analytics and reporting: Keep a finger on the pulse  of your business – in real time.
  • Site management: Manage multiple sites easily.
  • Shipping: Make shipping easy – for your customers and your operations.


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