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Adaptive Insights: 5 Steps to Getting Your Business On Board with Rolling Forecasts

There’s a better way to navigate choppy business seas: rolling forecasts.

Instead of being once-a-year exercises, rolling forecasts happen on a regular cadence.

Unlike budgets that may have hundreds of line items, rolling forecasts focus on key business drivers. And rather than focusing on the past, rolling forecasts act as early warning systems when you’ve drifted off-course; they help to raise visibility beyond the traditional budgeting “wall” by continually updating your forecast with actuals, you’ll be able to quickly adjust the levers that drive performance.

Why Try Rolling Forecasts?

  • Enable agile responses to changing market conditions
  • Optimize decision-making for better planning
  • Identify future performance gaps
  • Help senior executives manage performance expectations
  • Shorten long planning cycles with a more efficient model—and direct the extra time toward more strategic activities

Automating rolling forecasts with a dedicated cloud-based application can reduce the time you need to complete financial planning by 70% or more.

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